oasis mirage water cooler manual

Oasis produces a range of water coolers for use in the home and office. Stylish & Sturdy. If your Oasis water cooler does not operate properly, you can troubleshoot the machine before calling for service. We supply water coolers for the home and office across Yorkshire. Eliminates heavy lifting of 19 litres water bottles with bottom load access – this user friendly water dispenser provides hot, cold and ambient water on demand. Check solenoid valve or cartridge or valve stem. NSF Certified The Mirage Water Cooler is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 372 for low lead. Find answers to questions about your Oasis units - learn how to adjust stream height, or … Check voltage received by cooler - is unit plugged in? New Mirage . Unit can deliver hot or cold water on-demand and has a Dual Dispense option that allows you to connect the unit directly to a water line without the need of a water bottle. The Mirage water cooler features a bottom-loading cabinet design to help in eliminating the need for lifting heavy, 5-gal. Water bottle dispenser or bottleless dispenser (12 pages) Water Dispenser oasis VERSAFILLER P EBF Series Installation Instructions Manual. No water flow from the bubbler valve: Check to see if bubbler valve is defective or out of adjustment. OASIS B1RRK Instruction Manual. Lead-Free Product Components in the Oasis MIR311D-3 Cooler are lead-free as defined by The Safe Drinking Water Amendments. Features: Stylish design to match contemporary kitchen and break room decors; Available as hot, cold and ambient model Mirage Watercoolers – Call 01132 877 900 We are your established, local supplier for Bottled and Plumbed-in water coolers as well as hot water boilers. Water Dispenser Oasis Mirage Instruction Manual. Check heater limiter. Generally, for these models, most parts are the same. Modern, Ease-Of-Used-and Versatility. This water dispenser provides both hot and cold water on demand, and has lead-free components to insure safe and delicious drinking water. The Oasis Mirage POU Water Cooler has an innovative and stylish design that combines ease-of-use and versatility into one. UL Listed & Energy Star Rated Meets or exceeds UL water standards and is Energy Star rated for energy efficiency. Page 1 User Guide Please read this instruction manual before using your water dispenser. This version of Oasis B1RRHS Manual compatible with such list of devices, as: B1RRHS, B1RRPHS, B1RRPK, B1SRHS, B1SRPK Features of Oasis water coolers include drip trays, large refrigeration units, extra capacity storage tanks, and hot and cold water availability. Floor Mounted Drinking Fountains or Water Coolers: model number typically located on the base (click to view). Download Instruction manual of Oasis B1RRHS Water Dispenser for Free or View it Online on All-Guides.com. Become an Oasis Water Cooler Troubleshooting Pro with help from this Troubleshooting Guide that focuses on Oasis's most popular line of water coolers: Versacooler II units. Check hot tank element. 504819C Deluxe Water Cooler Water Friendly Solutions® oasiscoolers.com...; Page 2: Important Safeguards Do not use an extension cord as it may overheat, increasing the risk of fire. However, the last letter(s) of the model number can indicate different versions based on the release date and/or different electrical components. Page 1 User Guide Please read this instruction manual before using your water cooler. No hot water: Is switch for thermostat turned off? water bottles. Check for open wire. • If the supply cord is damaged, contact Oasis or a qualified electrician to replace it before plugging it in.

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