how to train a blue nose pitbull

They possess more energy instead of big dogs. You may also want  to slowly raise the standards for a reward. Blue Nose Pitbulls are indeed rare, but they are not a different breed from the American Pitbull Terrier. This is in contrast to the normal black nose of most pitbulls. A hybrid of two historic fighting dogs, the Pitbull Boxer Mix is also known as a Bullboxer. The American Kennel Club has yet to recognize it. These can be found at most pet stores for pretty cheap or if you’re the Macgyver type, you can use a metal bottle cap (like the kind on Snapple bottles) or anything else that makes a pleasant clicking sound. The Blue Pit is no different from other pit bulls, and it’s becoming popular among breeders, but it’s still rare to find. When you see your pitbull starting to lose interest, say “Stay” again and as soon as he looks back at you (while still sitting), click and treat. Hi. Keep it positive! He also talks about how to make sure your Pitbull is never aggressive to people or other animals. Blue Nose Pitbull Puppies. Hello my name is Terrence Humphrey and I am just getting into the field of training my dog. You also need treats and LOTS of them. It’s easy to train any Pit – Blue Nose, Red Nose, or Brindle – as long as you stay consistent so they know what you want them to do and when. This allows you to work with your dog, not against her. How can I tell if he is play biting or agressively biting? While the unfair stereotype surrounding the dog may keep some people away, those in the now will be drawn to his alluring look. Jamil Pitbull Home offer blue nose, red nose pitbull puppies that are properly upskilled and taken proper care that makes them strong physically and mentally. * Be consistent and firm but never abusive. A Blue Nose Pitbull puppy can cost around $1,000 to $3,000. When you start your training you should keep it simple. I have a male pit that someone droped off I got him shots and fixed he is very smart just wants to chase the cars and piss the neighbor off and will not come back when called and likes to chase the wife’s cats any help is great thanks steve, Your email address will not be published. Blue Nose Pitbulls are Easy to Groom. 1 year, 7 months ago Simba's Owner Caitlin Crittenden. You will need to keep them focused and properly motivated for months. Any sort of training is basically the same for all dogs, especially potty training. Often times with  the old training methods the dog would just as soon run away than obey the command because fear was used to motivate the dog. They are not inherently prone to ripping off your face during  a training session. You don’t need any sort of special approach to potty training a Blue Nose Pitbull. The shorter the better. Training a blue nose pitbull puppy; Puppy Training; Professional Dog Training Session With Stonnie Dennis; Celebrity Dog Training With Kris Jenner & Corey Gamble | KUWTK Bonus Scene | E! It is one of the healthier dog breeds, but it’s still prone to certain health issues. Blue Nose Pitbulls are indeed rare, but they are not a different breed from the American Pitbull Terrier. Blue Nose Pitbulls can be Great Pets. This breeder also has a pet adoption program in case their pups need to be rehomed. The Blue Nose Pitbull is a terrier, and like all terriers, was bred to hunt small game and kill vermin. Dog training has come a long way in the last few decades and many of the old methods aren’t used anymore because the new more effective methods work much better. Remember 3 things are mandatory to teach and remember when training ANY dog. Same as you would any other dog. This way, every time he resists the temptation to get up, you reward him. With a healthy lifestyle and regular wellness checkups, most health problems can be kept at bay. Required fields are marked *. Let’s get rid of some myths. Training is very important if you have or are thinking of getting a Pitbull. If all else fails, be patient, your dog will sit soon if you wait. It's easiest to house train dogs when they are puppies. About Us  -  Advertise with Us  -  Contact Us  -  Write for Us  -  Privacy policy. Take your pit bull on lots of walks if you don't have a big backyard to run around in. Blue Nose Pitbulls appear to have similar life spans to other Pitbulls. If you say “Sit” and your dog does it, click the moment your dogs butt hits the ground and put a treat in his or her mouth immediately. Older methods of training used fear and pain to get the desired response, while positive reinforcement uses pleasure, treats, or praise to get a desired response. 1) Blue nose pitbull Puppies: Blue nose pitbull Puppies are young dogs, you can adopt them and can train them as the way you want it. While some Blue Nose Pitbulls may suffer from increased health problems, the average Pitbull lifespan is 10 to 15 years. Pit bulls are one of the most active dog breeds in the world. A "pit bull" is a general term for the American Pit Bull Terrier or the American Staffordshire Terrier. Some Breeders Try To Pass Off Blue Nose Pitbulls As A Different Dog Breed.

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